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Shores Of Hope - Recensione su Metallian

Shores Of Hope is this Italian quintet's debut demo. Ten songs and 43 minutes long it feels like a Guns N Roses and Motley Crue mashup of sorts.

It is not a big stretch to say the opener Guns! Guns! Guns! would be a sort of new Girls, Girls, Girls. Enrico Ghirelli's voice comes through as an Axl Rose with a bit of Dave Mustaine thrown in. Odd combination perhaps but something in songs like The Border does hint at Mustaine. Ozone Fades has slower sections that depart from typical hard rock. Godspeed is ballad-ish. Nuclear Warfare starts ominously with a heavier riff and tries to keep it up. Pharaoh, unsurprisingly, has an eastern feel in its opening seconds and remains catchy. Black Century is reminiscent of System Of A Down's Chop Suey! in its opening and a power ballad otherwise. Uhlans, 1915 is Iron Maiden's Alexander The Great inspired and once again, not much more than a ballad otherwise. Rock Beast returns to more standard hard rock, aiming for Dokken heights perhaps. My Heaven is the closer and is an even more standard ballad. Find the band at

Anna Tergel - 04/06/2014
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