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Shores Of Hope - Recensione su Behind The Veil

It is true that most of us had our first meeting with the Italian metal scene through bands like RHAPSODY and DOOMSWORD. These two are great bands, but if you think that the Italian metal scene is only power and epic metal, then you are wrong. Personally speaking I like the heavy metal scene of Italy a lot and surely it is amongst my favorite ones and above all it is a scene that can offer music for every kind of taste.

STEALTH come from Italy and they were formed back in 2007. In 2011 the band has completed its line – up and this album is their debut in the heavy metal sound. Actually, if I want to be accurate the truth is that STEALTH are more into the hard rock sound, but they also have a healthy dose of melodic metal influences. In my opinion the band has crafted a sound that doesn’t remind me of anything strongly and I guess this is something that can make them feel proud since they have a sound they can call their own. They do have influences though and this is a blessing for every musician, at least up to the point that it helps him/her to be creative. I think that STEALTH are influenced by bands like GUNS ‘N’ ROSES, PRETTY MAIDS and when they walk in heavy metal territories then IRON MAIDEN pop up in my mind. “Shores of Hope” is a well crafted and good to listen to album that introduces us to a hopeful new band for the hard and heavy sound.

Nick “Verkaim” Parastatidis - 16/05/2014
Voto 7/10
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